Tatry | Tatra mountains

Mieczysław Szczuka (1898 – 1927) was a Polish avant-garde artist, constructivist and productivist. In 1924 co-founds the artistic group ‘Blok’ (Blok Group of Cubists, Constructivists and Suprematists) with Henryk Stażewski, Władysław Strzemiński, Teresa Żarnowerówna among others and they publish the ‘Blok’ magazine. Mieczysław Szczuka was interested in the social functions of art and the utilitarianist ideas deriving from Constructivism, rather that formalism and the aesthetic experience. In 1927 he begins to publish the ‘Dźwignia’ magazine which is supported by the Polish Communist Party.







η αποκαθήλωση ως πρακτική

δραγασιές – δραγάτης
αγνώστου ετύμου λέξη

Tyrnavos in 1959, foto by Takis Tloupas, accessed from archetypa*

τσαρδάκι / δραγασιά /
φραγκιάτα – fragiata / τράγατα – tragata

gendarmerie / gaj / grove

somersault 8


Architects’ Congress, László Moholy-Nagy, 1933
Film diary of the Architects’ Congress
30 min, silent film with intertitles in English

Architects’ Congress is a film diary commissioned by Sigfried Giedion, that recorded the CIAM-4, the 4th congress of the Congrès Internationaux d’Architecture Moderne, in August of 1933. The congress, titled The Functional City, was held on board the ship Patris II from Marseilles to Athens and the results of the congress were presented at an exhibition at the Technical University of Athens. The CIAM-4 congress produced the Athens Charter.


Warsaw Housing Cooperative (WSM)

Warsaw Housing Cooperative was established in 1921, and by 1925 the first colony was built in Żoliborz district.